Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Update

Was gently reminded on tour to continue updating the website ... Sorry! Seems to be more convenient to update via Facebook ( -- like us!) but I will try to keep both avenues open as this blog allows me to post stuff that's hard to do on Facebook.

Both tours were great. Met so many amazing people & played w/ excellent artists all along the way. Thanks to everyone that came out and everbody who played w/ us. Would love to do it again soon.

Tonight is a hometown show in Sacramento @ Luigi's Fun Garden w/ the Polyps (Eggy Records), Carter Mullin (Reedbeds) and the Kevin Corcoran / Wes Steed duo. Should be excellent.

We're also playing Sept 3rd in Davis, CA w/ Rene Hell and Earn. Most likely, that will be our last live show of 2011 as we focus on writing and recording.

Reviews for Void are coming in ... will try to provide links to all of them soon.